I have setup this blog primarily to capture interesting information I learn in my day to day role as a Infrastructure Engineer. I have worked in Technology for over 10 years and I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge and collaborating with friends & colleagues.

In 2018 I’m planning to expand & advance my current Technology Certifications and what better place to bring it altogether than my first website. Creating something like this and sharing it is quite exciting for me. I have created many wiki articles in the past internally so this seems a natural progression. I am giving myself no set rules initially on the content I plan to publish. It might be a very short high level article or something more in depth. It will really depend on if I find something interesting and I would like to share or something useful for study.

I have recently moved to Calgary in Canada but I am from Scotland originally. Currently I am in the process of embracing the Canadian Winter and am starting to learn Skiing and Ice Skating.

All opinions expressed are my own.