Upgraded SSD Firmware in Dell XC6320

Here are the manual steps for upgrading the SSD for a Dell XC6320. Process takes 20-25 minutes. The longest part being the reboots of the server. Firstly you need the Dell SSD upgrade iso. I obtained my copy one from Dell Support and it should be available on their support website Prepare your server for … Continue reading Upgraded SSD Firmware in Dell XC6320


Learning Nutanix – nu.school and the Nutanix Bible

Here are two useful resources that I would recommend checking out if you are interested in finding out more on Nutanix. These are the Nutanix education channel 'nu.school' and the Nutanix Bible. The nu.school channel post video training pretty regularly and especially when Nutanix release a new version of AOS. I would recommend subscribing and … Continue reading Learning Nutanix – nu.school and the Nutanix Bible

VMware vExpert 2018 Applications Open

VMware have opened the 2018 vExpert applications in the last few weeks. Applications close on January 19th and visit the vExpert website to submit your application. All applicants will be informed on February 16th. This the first of two intakes for the vExpert programme this year with the second application period starting in June 2018. … Continue reading VMware vExpert 2018 Applications Open