Moving a NetApp Volume in CDOT 9.2

I needed to move a NetApp volume last week and it was a task I hadn’t done before. It was a pretty simple process within NetApp OnCommand System Manager but I thought I would put together a quick blog post on it.

The details of the process can be found in this document here. The steps can be found from page 8. The document has details for CDOT 9.2 and 9.3. My NetApp was on 9.2.

Moving volumes can be useful for balancing the storage on an array or if you are seeing performance issues and you want to move a volume to or from a SSD aggregate or split them up across SATA aggregates.

Here is a graphical step by step for moving a NetApp Volume from the task I completed.

  • Log onto to NetApp OnCommand System Manager where the volume to be moved

Screenshot 0

  • Once logged browse to the SVM that contains the volume to be moved. Find the volume and click on it to highlight. Click on the ‘Move’ button. In the screenshot below I plan to move the ‘_vol03’ volume

Screenshot 1

  • When the ‘Move’ button is pressed it brings up a new screen. Pick the aggregate that you want to move your volume to. In this example it will be ‘sata_data_2’. Ensure you have picked the correct volume and destination aggregate. It is important there is enough space to move the volume to so check that as well. The dialog box gives helpful before and after information so it makes it really easy. Once happy press the ‘Move’ button and then press the ‘Move’ button again to start the move.

Screenshot 3

  • The task can be monitored by going to the volume move tab at the bottom of the display. In terms of time it can vary but I moved a 11TB volume from one SATA aggregate to another SATA aggregate and it took about 7 hours.

Screenshot 4

  • When the job is complete the volume will be automatically cut over to the new aggregate. The move is complete.
  • If the volume move job doesn’t automatically cut over check the document link above for further details on performing a manual cut over.

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