Nutanix CVM Error – Disk Space Usage /home On Controller exceeded 80%


Over time old logs and old software starts to build up in the CVM /home directory.

The following error will be observed in Prism

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.14.45 AM.png

Update 11/03/19 – Nutanix have updated the KB article on this alert and made it public. It can be found here If you have any doubts about running the commands please contact Nutanix support. They are extremely helpful and will get the problem fixed in no time.


DO NOT treat the Nutanix CVM (Controller VM) as a normal Linux machine. DO NOT perform “rm -rf /home” on any of the CVMs. It could lead to data loss scenarios. Contact Nutanix Support in case you have any doubts.


Log onto a CVM of the cluster in question with the ‘nutanix’ account. The default password is ‘nutanix/4u’ but this may have been changed in your environment.

Check the /home usage for all the CVM in the cluster with the following command

allssh df -h

Output will look like this for each of the CVMs in the Nutanix cluster

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.15.10 AM

Use the commands below on the CVM to remove old log files and installer files from /home on all the CVMs on the cluster

allssh rm /home/nutanix/data/cores/*
allssh rm /home/nutanix/data/binary_logs/*
allssh rm /home/nutanix/data/log_collector/*
allssh rm /home/nutanix/data/ncc/installer/*

Once all the command have been run rerun the ‘allssh df -h’ and check the output and ensure the /home is under 80% now for each of the CVMs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.13.17 PM

If the /home is still above 80% check out the KB article above for further steps or contact Nutanix support for further troubleshooting.



2 thoughts on “Nutanix CVM Error – Disk Space Usage /home On Controller exceeded 80%

  1. Please, what can we do if thoses pathes contain themselves directories ?
    because it says they cannot be removed ..
    Thx for your Help !


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