My First Blog Post

This blog is something I have been wanting to setup for a while as I look to expand and advance my technical knowledge and get involved more into the community. My goal is to put together an area that has useful study material as well tips & tricks and any interesting news I come across. I’ll aim to publish blogs pretty regularly and the posts will likely vary from quick news like posts to more in depth topics. I would imagine the majority of the posts will cover Virtualization in particular VMware and Nutanix especially at first but I wouldn’t rule any topic out.

I come from a Compute and Virtualization background with a bit of storage on top. I have been using VMware since version 2.5 and recently have been working on Nutanix. I am starting to learn AHV and have been impressed with the Nutanix solution so far. I have experience with various hardware vendors likes Cisco UCS, Dell and HP. I have experience various Storage solutions like NetApp, EMC and Nimble.

I will be setting up a homelab in the coming weeks. I’m currently researching the various options which I’ll look to turn into a blog post.


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