Upgraded SSD Firmware in Dell XC6320

Here are the manual steps for upgrading the SSD for a Dell XC6320. Process takes 20-25 minutes. The longest part being the reboots of the server.

  • Firstly you need the Dell SSD upgrade iso. I obtained my copy one from Dell Support and it should be available on their support website
  • Prepare your server for upgrade and make sure it is in Maintenance Mode
  • Log onto the iDrac and attach the SSD upgrade ISO
  • The first thing that needs done is change the boot mode to UEFI – Reboot the server and press F2 to enter ‘System Setup’ – note the SSD firmware version in the product revision column screenshot

Screenshot 1

  • Server will reboot and boot into the ‘System Setup’

Screenshot 2

  • In System Setup pick ‘System BIOS’

Screenshot 3

  • Pick option ‘Boot Settings’

Screenshot 4








  • Change the Boot Mode to ‘UEFI’

Screenshot 5.png

  • Save changes and exit System Setup. Server will reboot

Screenshot 6

  • Press F11 during the reboot to access the boot manager. Once loaded pick the attached SSD upgrade ISO to boot from. The server will reboot and load into the ISO
  • After a few minutes it will load into the SSD firmware upgrade screen. It will show all the SSD drives and also the SATADOM (if installed) with the current firmware versions. Press the big ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 7

  • The program will run and scan each of the devices it can see (including the SATADOM) and upgrade the firmware if required. It will show the original firmware version and the version to be upgraded. The process can be monitored from this screen
  • Once the process is complete a ‘All tests passed’ message will be displayed. Accept the message and exit the program. Detach the ISO and reboot the server

Screenshot 8

  • Press F2 during boot again to enter back into ‘System Setup’ and change the ‘Boot Mode’ back to ‘BIOS’. Save settings, exit System Setup and let the server boot

Screenshot 9

  • As the server boot you can confirm the Firmware is showing the correct version cause the product revision version will have changed to the new Firmware

Screenshop 10

  • Let the server boot and check all the drives can be seen correctly before bring the server back into commission.




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