Patching Process for the vCenter 5.5 Appliance

After uploading instructions on how to patch the vCenter 6.5 Appliance I thought I would put together one for patching the vCenter 5.5 Appliance. This is the process for upgrading via the VMware online repository for a vCenter attached to the internet.

To run the ISO upgrade it is just case of downloading the ISO from the VMware patch centre and attaching to the vCenter appliance . The process for that can be followed in the vCenter 6.5 process at the above link.


  • Log onto the vCenter where the vCenter 5.5 Appliance is hosted
  • Take a snapshot of the appliance before starting the upgrade

Screenshot 2

  • Name the snapshot with useful information so the snapshot can be tracked

Screenshot 3


  • Open a browser and type the vCenter name or IP with :5480 at the end of the URL e.g. http://vcentername01:5480
  • This will open a logon prompt for the vCenter Management Console. It requires a ‘Root’ account

Screenshot 1.png

  • Click on ‘Update’ tab along the top of the screen. It will probably show an available update. If no available update is showing then click ‘Check Updates’ to rescan. If the scan fails check the internet to the vCenter. The Proxy settings under Network tab is a good place to start. If using an ISO to update a recan with ‘Check Updates’ should find the update.

Screenshot 2.png

  • If an update is available it will appear and advise which build version it will install. Check that is correct and click ‘Install Updates’ to start update. A ‘Installing updates…’ dialog box will appear during update

Screenshot 3

  • Log out might happen during update. Log back in with Root account to check to see if the update is complete. vCenter will advise a system reboot is required to complete update. This information is found under the ‘Update’ tab

Screenshot 5

  • Go to ‘System’ tab and click ‘Reboot’ to complete upgrade. The vCenter 5.5 Appliance will reboot into the newly updated version

Screenshot 4

Clean Up

  • When happy the vCenter is performing correctly delete the snapshot that was taken. It is not recommended by VMware to keep a snapshot for any longer than 72 hours
  • If the ISO is being used make sure it is disconnected and delete if required

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