Nutanix LCM Payload Matrix

Ever wondered what firmware is included in the LCM Payload that you are about to deploy? Nutanix provide a handy KB article which lists out which versions are included in the update. This is useful information to know especially if you have a Nutanix cluster with Dell XC and Dell PowerEdge and you want to keep them on the same firmware versions. This is because LCM will update XC servers but not PowerEdge currently. Support for PowerEdge is coming I have been told.

The KB article can be found on the Nutanix Portal. Here is a link to the latest KB. The current KB article is number #5495

To be able to access the KB article you will need an account for the Nutanix Portal.

Finding it manually without the KB article number is simple as well:

  • Firstly logon to the Nutanix Portal and on the Home Dashboard under Documentation click ‘Knowledge Base’
  • In the search box enter ‘LCM Matrix’ and search and your first hit should be the article you are looking for..
  • Clicking the result will bring up the article. Last update was March 12th 2019.

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