Nutanix Online Training Courses

If you are considering taking the Nutanix NCP 5.5 exam or just want to learn more on the Nutanix platform, I would recommend a visit to the Training & Certification section of their website. There is lots of information that will help with your learning and understanding of Nutanix.

The link below has a collection of Youtube videos and online training courses all grouped into categories which will make learning much easier to navigate:

To access the online course section you will need to contact to setup a Nutanix account.

You also have to have a My Nutanix Portal account as well. This can be setup here

Information on the Nutanix Certifications can be found here. The first step on the ladder is NCP. An overview PDF can be found here.

The exam blueprint can be found here. The blueprint is invaluable for making sure you have studied all the topics that could be covered in the exam. I personally find it very useful for putting together a study guide.

The exam itself has 75 questions that are either multiple choice or multiple response.


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