Upgrading Cohesity Cluster


Upgrading a Cohesity Cluster is a simple process. It works in a similar manner to a Nutanix Cluster where it upgrades one node at a time in a rolling fashion. This means no downtime is experienced during the process and backups jobs continue to run unaffected.


  • Download the software upgrade .gzip package from the Cohesity support portal – https://support.cohesity.com
  • Log onto the Portal and to find the software packages click on ‘New Downloads >’Download the software
  • Next pick the version of software that you want to upgrade to. There are two tabs at the top of the page, ‘LTS Releases’ and ‘Feature Releases’.
  • LTS stands for the ‘Long Term Support’. This will generally be the most stable release available & will be supported for a longer length of time.
  • The Feature Release editions will have new functionality available but could suffer from more bugs.
  • Generally it is a good idea to stick to the LTS releases unless there is a particular feature you want to use. I would definitely recommend installing any upgrade package into a Test/Dev environment and then testing before releasing it into Production.
  • Once you have found the software version that you would like to upgrade to click on the ‘link’ for Upgrade Package to download
  • Once the package downloaded switch over to the Cohesity Cluster that is going to be upgraded and log on. Go to Admin → Upgrade Cluster → Get New Package
  • Pick ‘Upload a package file’ and then ‘Select File’ and browse to the location of the upgrade package that was downloaded and choose it. Check the correct file is selected pick ‘Upload Package and Upgrade’ to start cluster upgrade. When the process is started the Cohesity Cluster will automatically start the upgrade so just make sure you have all the required change controls in place etc
  • The upload can be monitored in the Cohesity GUI
  • Once the upgrade start it will show the progress. More granular information on the upgrade can be found in ‘Show Tasks’
  • Further information on each Node being upgraded can be found under ‘Show Subtasks’
  • Once the upgrade is complete the version will be updated in the Cohesity GUI. Check it matches the upgrade package that was uploaded

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