Reset Root Password vCenter Appliance 6.7

Here are the steps for resetting the root password for a vCenter 6.7 Appliance

  • First thing to do it take a snapshot of the vCenter. This step should always be undertaken.
  • Once the snapshot is complete reboot vCenter
  • When the Photon OS screen during boot press ‘e’
  • Move along to the end of the line starting ‘linux’ and enter the following:
rw init=/bin/bash
  • Below screenshot shows what the edit should look like. Once edit has been entered press ‘F10’
  • The vCenter will boot into a cmd prompt logged in with root. Next step is to change the password. To do this type the following
  • Once the password has changed type the following
umount /
  • To complete the work reboot the vCenter with
reboot -f
This is what changing the password looks like from the cmd prompt
  • The vCenter will reboot and start up normally. Wait a few minutes to let all the services start then log in with the new root password to test
  • Once happy that the change has been successful delete the snapshot

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