Nutanix University Education Site Launched

Nutanix have redesigned their learning portal to the very cool looking Nutanix University. This new area has replaced their old training site – NuSchool. All the resources you need have been brought together into a single place. You be able to find all your training and certification links here and from my experience so far it is a massive improvement on the older site. One of my favourite features is Badges. Badges are now issued on completion of courses and other tasks in the site.

Nutanix University homepage – very clear and easy to navigate

The home page is split into three different areas and I’ll break them down a little in the section below.

Training – This area pulls together all the different types of training from Online, Classroom & Blended learning. This is now a one stop shop for training and you no longer need to look elsewhere for classes or email Nutanix to get access to particular courses. You can search courses by Product or Release. I think the navigations is much much better. I was able to find what I was looking for and make sure I hadn’t missed any training for a particular release.

Training Overview page

Nutanix have also added the concept of Learning Plans. For example Learning plans now group together the training that will help with a particular certification. So if you are studying for your NCP the ‘Prep for NCP Certification’ Learning Plan would be the perfect place to start.

Prep for NCP Certification Learning Plan

Certifications – This is the place to go to find out about and book any formal Nutanix certifications you wish to take.

Resources – This where you can find additional information such as Best Practise Guides and a link to the Nutanix Bible. There is a wealth of information in here and far too much to list out. The screenshot below gives an idea of how much is in there.

At the bottom of the Homepage and easily missed is a list of the latest Video Learning. I have found this very useful for finding a video on a particular topic quickly. My understanding is Nutanix are working on bringing offline videos to some of the content so you’ll be able to brighten up those long-haul flights hopefully very soon.

Hamburger Menu in Top Left – An additional area to navigate the site.

In this list there a quite a few useful areas that I have found myself using.

I’ll highlight a few :

Course Catalog – Lists all the available courses. It is searchable and clearly laid out.

Shows all the available courses on the site

Ask an Expert – Slightly more informal area where you can ask a question and have a resident Nutanix Expert answer. This will become a more community driven as it expands. Expect to find more Nutanix and Community members getting involved here during the year. There are potential for channels with dedicated topics being rolled out as well in this area.

Contact Us – Any questions, suggestions or problems with Nutanix University contact the team using this link

Logging onto Nutanix University

User can logon via the MyNutanix SSO Portal – here

If you are new to Nutanix and you need to create an account it can be done from this page as well. Just click on Sign Up Now and fill in your details

Once logged in there is now an option for launching Nutanix University. Clicking this will open up to the Nutanix University homepage

If you are having any issues you can contact the Nutanix University team at the email address :


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