NCC Install Fails In Prism Element

Occasionally upgrading the NCC within the Prism Element fails and the version installed shows as ‘Unknown’

The easiest way to fix this is to install the NCC update via the command line


  • Download the latest NCC script from the Nutanix Portal. The download is found under ‘Tools & Firmware’
  • Next step is to get the IP of one of the CVMs in the cluster then WinSCP to the CVM using the Nutanix user account. Copy the NCC install script to /home/nutanix/
  • Once the script is copied over to the CVM, SSH onto the CVM also using the Nutanix user account.
  • First check the md5sum to ensure the install script downloaded properly. The md5sum can be found on the Nutanix Portal where the file was downloaded. See the image of the software download above for the md5sum value
md5sum ./
  • Then make the script executable
chmod u+x ./
  • Lastly run the script. The script will remove the current NCC package installed on the CVM and replace with the new install. The script doesn’t cause any kind of downtime but you might want to run the script under change control.
  • Altogether the process will look like something like this..
  • Refresh the Prism Element and check if the NCC version is now showing the correct version
  • Last step is to remove the NCC Install script from the CVM that you used to upload and run the script from.

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